ebay tail lights warning

this is for you guys thinkin about getting some ebay carbon fiber tail lights… got some about 2 weeks ago, they looked and fit good but soon as it rained one of them fogged all up. When i looked the whole entire bottom of the outer lens was not glued at all, fixed that with some clear silicone and good as new.

they also melted from stock running/break lights. they have 2 chambers for them, half clear and half red, the chamber that seperates them will melt up or downwards allowing the lights to mix (very nasty looking) to fix this i ran the stock bulbs for about 20 minutes to get it hot then pulled them out and pushed the plastic back by finger, then replaced bulbs with low heat jamstrait red LED bulbs (the non angled ones with 4 around the side)

right now they look/work perfect but it hasnt been very long. right now i think they will be good for a long time with exception to the outer lens. I have a feeling it might oxidize or somthing. i think they were worth 70$ a set though.

this is WAY old news.

sorry you found out those mad tyte ebay lights arent really all that great…

i have the same ones and i washed my car and they fogged up theyre crappy but i got mine for 10 dollars so i cant complain