eBay Tie Bars Any Good?

Definitely super cheap, wondering if these will fly apart as soon as I take the car autocross this coming spring?

I won’t be doing anything particularly hardcore, though. I figured my car is 14 years old, it is probably not entirely worth investing hundreds of dollars into quality performance parts.


$75 to my door.

Anyone have any experience with this? i hear about eBay coilovers often but not strut bars. Thanks.


Ebay strut bars are just for looks… They dont do anything more then that.

They helped alot on my 88 Civic 4 door but on my 90 GS I didn’t notice a big difference. But if you are going to get anything, don’t get the lower ones. Just get both uppers and the c pillar one.

Alright, thanks.

the strut bars do help, even if they are the ebay ones. i don’t know why people are hating on them. they do stiffen up the chassis.

On DA’s, I’d get only a RUSB and a FUSB. I had a RLTB on my car, but it won’t fit with a 22mm Progress rear sway bar.
C-pillar bars put you out of Stock, STS, SP, and straight into SM.

Ebay bars suck. They’re only as stiff as the weakest point in the system, and that is the thin-walled mounting brackets. I noticed no difference when I put my ebay FUSB on at autocrosses, and furthermore noticed nothing when I took them off. I’m sure this would not be the case with a fixed FUSB, or a properly designed bar.

i got those same upper strut bars for christmas and I certainly noticed a difference. Body roll was significantly reduced. I dont know why some people say they are just for looks. I bet they arent as good as couple hundred dollar ones, but for what these cost, they are worth it.

:umno: Strut bars won’t help body roll at all. They’ll only stiffen up the chassis a small amount. If your chassis is flexing enough to consider it ‘body roll,’ something is wrong with your car.

Strut bars = stiffen the chassis. These are mounted to the unibody
Sway bars = reduce body roll. These are mounted to the unibody AND lower control arms.


i really dont like the DA chassis at all. Jacking the car up on the front flexes it enough so the doors dont close just right (they close, but not like it would if it was on the ground). My friends EK does not exhibit this behavior.

thats because the DA weak and its like 15 years old with years of abuse with twist and turning the chassis making it weaker.

C-pillar bars put you out of Stock, STS, SP, and straight into SM.

Sorry but what the hell does this mean? Can someone explain the acronyms?

I was wondering that myself.

SCCA racing classifications. I was answering two different threads, one had SCCA questions. I must have been confused.

LOL damn that C-pillar. I have to take mine out before each race.

Just get a EM racing Lower tie. Its worth spending the extra money on bars. I switched my RUSB from the ebay to EM racing and the difference was amazing. Much better with the mounting points and just a better bar. Take my advice and don’t go the cheap route.

If you want I will sell you mine from my car. Front upper and Rear upper. Let me know.

i an ebay c-pillar one and honestly i noticed no difference, but it sure as hell looks cool haha