Eclipse subs. Anyone have experence?

Im going to be upgrading my cvr12 soon and im thinking about going with a single top of the line eclipse 15. Was wondering if anybody has experence with the high end eclipses or has heard them. I heard one with a lower end eclipse (a $229 model) and it sounded pretty good. But ive heard the one im looking at compared to a w7 by a local shop that also sells JL’s so i dont think it was a sales pitch.

What kind of music do you listen to and how much do you want to spend? Eclipse makes some really nice equiptment, and their subs are a respectable sq sub, but there are also many others you may also want to consider. There are a number of subs similar in performance to The w7 line that can be had for 3-500, but it would help if you gave some more information.

around $350 for a 15inch sub

I want loud and quality. Also looking good cant hurt :slight_smile:

As for music. I listen to almost everything from country to rap.

I would start by taking a stroll down to the forums at There is a ton of information available there that really helps when building a system. Read some of the posts by Steven Kephart or Dyohn for some good ideas. My personal recommendation would be a Digital designs if you really want something that can go loud and handle a lot of power. I chose them because they have excellent customer support, are all american made, can be reconned for reasonable prices, offer a good value for the price. I also looked at image dynamics which are supposed to have some good value subs, but I wasnt as keen on them, and at Adire Audio who have some nice products as well. I went with the dd 3510 which ended up costing around 350 direct from dd, and I was able to get a steal on a US Amps md2 so that I could really push it. I dont know If I would go with a 15 as that will require a good bit of room, but either way I would look into the 3500 series.