ECU again

i did look a little and was that tread before posting this
so sorry to be so lazy as to not rip up my carpet and look but does anyone know off the top of their head what the ecu is in a 92. is it obd-1 or obd-0???

that thread doesn’t help me spikeymike, but thank you for taking the time to reply anyway

if you don’t want to answer thats fine but please don’t close my thread because someone else might have some info on the matter

for your information it was answered by white-teggy

your car is a 92, which means it is obd 1

if taken the time to search, the answer can also be found.

yes i did answer your question just like spikeymike says, it has be covered many many times, search next time most of the simple stuff has been covered

thank you spikeymike
i didnt even see the second thread link you gave me
i do appreciate it