ECU code 13 -Barometric pressure?? what the hell does this mean??

got this code from my ecu…its a JDM b16a (2nd gen motor sir-II).
what does it mean?? how can i fix it??

easy one… it also called the “atmospheric pressure code”… are the engine and ecu off the same car? and with this you probably got a check engine light too. it because the 90 ecu has a external pressure sensor and 91 and up have a internal sensor. i got the same problem. it not gonna hurt anything just the cel is gonna be annoying.:stuck_out_tongue:


this is in my 94 VTEC del sol…ive had the swap in there for about 1500 miles and the check engine light just came on yesterday for the first time. after the engine gets warmed up now it comes on…hasnt happened before

its really just air pressure guage problem. my liht been on since i put my xs ecu in (4 months) ain’t had a problem yet.


i really wouldnt be worried about it except that i am getting ready to sell the car and i definately dont want that light on when people are test driving it…and i cant get my g2 teg if dont sell my sol. so how do i fix it??

well if you are selling the delsol take out the instrument cluster and remove the light bulb for the check engine light. I guarntee you wont see it on again


i will do that as a last resort…but my idle drops really low when the light comes on…around 400rpm…so does anyone know how to fix this??

im still trying to figure this out…should i replace my TPS???

ANYONE!!! someone had to have figured out the cause!!!

im not going to the damn dealer!!! someone please please help me out!!!

ok…this is my last attempt to figure out what i need to change to get this stupid light off…SOMEONE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!!!