ECU CORROSION (Clean or New)

Little Info:
Hey guys, I recently got my Teggy back from the shop I was having problems getting her started do to the Engine not getting any gas. I sent her to the shop because I assumed it was the fuel pump, but was told it was a dead ecu. The owner gave me two options “Buy a “new” ecu from Canada for $1200 or get it out his shop”. Weeping I put my teggy on a trailer and sent her home. Immediately I took a look st the ecu and found 1 problem.

Straight to Question:
As of now I was wondering if I should get a new ecu or find a way to clean mine. The corrosion isn’t bad at all just a little orange/rust base under the prongs of the resistors and other parts.

I live in NJ if anyone has a 37820-PR4-A11 please let me know. THANKS