ECU default values mode? (Attn: neex and everyone else)

since i’m having some hesitation problems, I tried to unplug the ECT sensor like member neex suggested. well, with the sensor unplugged(and the engine at running temp) the car seems to pull harder, idle isn’t dropping to 750RPM, it’s slowly going to 750, no more hesitation. So I said yes! i’ll replace the ECT and my problems are gonna be history! well, NO! :mad: Instead of replacing the ECT, I tried to put a 325 Ohms resistor(this is what the resistance of the ECT is supposed to be when hot) and the hesitation came back and the engine seems to be choked… it doesn’t pull as hard as with the ECT unplugged… So my ECT is good.

So now, i’m almost 100% sure my problem is with a sensor somewhere because when the ECU goes into ‘default values mode’, the car runs great! now the problem, which sensor is it?? (unplugging the O2 sensor gives the same results as unplugging the ECT)

can someone help me? please!!

Re: ECU default values mode? (Attn: neex and everyone else)

hmmm to tell you the truth, i don’t even know what is an ect sensor, and i don’t know where is located the o2 sensor…
but i do know that when the o2 sensor is bad, the check engine light will go on