ecu fuse

ok i have a 91 acura integra i just got it ran fine until my cousin did a 3foot burn out and the car died. ive put a new distibutor ,fuel relay, and a main fuel relay. but it still wont start. the car tries to start but the ecu fuse under the hood keeps blowing does anyone know what could be the cause of the ecu fuse blowing.

Use 10 amp fuses for the ECU fuse under the hood. If that still blows then maybe you’re having a short somewhere. Good luck.

Tow it to an automotive electrician and send your cousin the bill.

all my cousin r broke but still a damn good idea

having the exact same problem!!! my friend says its probably the ecu so im puttin in a stock 1.5l crx ecu in my crx b16. see if thats the problem if so ill let ya know