ECU good or bad?

i was wondering if puttin at ECU on my 93 Ls is a good or a bad idea, cause im almost positive it can hold the rpms,

putting a ECU in your 93 ls, dont you already have one in it i hope other wise you wont be going far lmao

do u mean putting in a chipped ecu or getting a chip for it maybe?

If you want your car to run, an ECU is pretty essential. :giggle: Now a chipped ECU on the other hand, or a reprogammed chip for your ECU, is a different story. Figure it out, let us know, and we’ll let you know.

It looks like you’re talking about getting a chipped ECU to remove the rev-limiter.

But I am curious as to what makes you so sure your car can handle the extra RPMs?

If you’re on stock cams, just giving you a heads up that reving it up higher does not = faster. The stock redline is set by Honda because there is no power or benefit to rev past it.

hmmm yea sorri bout taht i am talkin bout a chipped ecu just fig yall would be able to guess that…well i dont understand its got a few upgrades like header exhaust intake pistons supposededly double springed values with titanium retainers i mean its pretty strong i was just wondering