Ecu helllpppp. Wiring.

Took my car to get painted that other day Hooked up the battery to put sunroof back and windows down. Turn the key and weird stuff was happening left turn signal stayed on in cluster had to have heat on to put windows down. And a buzzing come from drivers side under the dash. I removed the dash to do a brake line tuck but I’m positive eveything is hooked up rite. The passages floor was wet could I have fried ecu causing promblem? Also the car was not properly grounded cause there no motor in the car could that have done it?I have a lot of money out on this car and motor do want to end up with a mess. Please help. Has anyone had a simaliar problem?

did the seat belts retract mine did when i pulled out my engine and then plugged in the bat to the where the fuse box goes and ran a ghetto ground to get the power windows up if the seatbelts get stuck a error chime ringing really loud happens

Your ECU shouldn’t affect any of those things you’re having issues with, the ECU is for the engine only. You could unplug the ecu entirely and your windows, turn signals…etc should function normally. You should start looking at the dash wiring, under dash fuse box…etc