ecu help: PW0 vs. Pr3

allright, this is what happened… My friend and I are doing (just finished actually) a b16a swap (non obd) on his 90 ls. We got the motor, had a bad tranny, returned it, and ended up getting 2 ecus (they thought they didnt give us one). Now, they realized their mistake and are picking up the 2nd one they gave us (PW0). So were driving around with the pr3 because everyone says its so much better. Now this is what happens: VTEC hits at [SIZE=4]4200[/SIZE] rpms. (geezus thats low) and the rev limit is 7800 rpms. It also idles a little higher, and doesnt feel very fast. So we pull over on the side of the road, shut the car off and switch ecus to see its its different. (I was actually driving behind him in my stock gsr the whole time pacing him, and with the pr3 were dead even) So the PW0 gets hooked up, and he goes, and the vtec hits at 4800 (i believe) and it pulls all the way to 8. I was pacing him this time, and he just walks away from me (AEM intake, dc header, no ac, no ps, and open header… open header not good) the car also idles at 800 rpms like its supposed to, rather than the 1200 on the pr3. I searched about this and it looks like the pr3 may be an automatic ecu. Is that possible? Any ideas? Which ecu should we keep?

hey waz up man…so the pwo ecu was better than the pr3??? cause i have one too and it revlimits like at 7600 rpm with vtec at 4800 rpm…im also wondering on that???

well THAT PW0 is better than THAT pr3. Only because the Pr3 is from an auto, causing way too low vtec engangement and a shitty redline. overall i hear the pr3 is better (5 speed that is) But yes, there was a significant difference between the pr3 and the pw0 in that car.

well the PW0 os from a Civic, and the PR3 is from a Integra…so it s obvious the PR3 you or your friend has or had is from an auto…i think there are some resistors inside that will determine this and the code on the little label will tell as well.

hey rsbad…i wanto ask u something…where can iu check for that???and the resistors you said …can they be changed or anythingZ??or is better if icall the guy up and tell him to change my ecu for a 5-speed???cause i dont like this ecu at all…it wont let me pass 7,500??? later help me out???
hers my ecu code

can you tell if it’s auto???

Yeah, i was in the car with mike when he was testing the ecus, and the pw0 was NOTICABLY faster, idled way cleaner, and just felt overall way smoother…

Steve, just tell the guy that the pr3 is the pw0 and keep the pw0 :up: