Ecu help

Whats going on g2ers i have a small issue i think that my stock p61 ecu is fried i was wondering what other ecu will run a stock b17a1 pretty good without having to be chipped if anyone could give some insight i would greatly appreciate it thank you. Npg2da

hey brotha dont know if your interested but I have a p61 for sale from my old original b17 gsr…
pm me for details

How much u tryin to get for it

how did you come to this conclusion?

@welfare whats up buddy u helped me with somethings in the pAst i came to thos conclusion when first the other day car just stalled out of the blue got off the road check main relay herd it click. Check engIne light was on solid and car would crank fine but like it was getting no fuel checked a under dash fuse everything was fine them checked under hoood fuses and sure enough the 10amp fuse labled ecu was popped so changed it and car started right up now yesterday samething happened driving along and all the sudden boom car shut off again soilid cel and this time fuse was fine left my car and came bakc with my Ls ecu pr4 tried to start with the p61 one in and notta put the pr4 in and boom fired right up opened up the p61 ecu to find a horrible smell Nd noticed that there was a burnt up capacitor. @welfare my question to you is do you think this is wat was causeing my parasitic drain thats what you were helpinge with before

ahhh yes. i remember. it is possible. the ecu does recieve constant power. once you get a new ecu, test for parasitic drain as we’d discussed. if there is a drain, pull the ecu fuse and see if it persists
good luck

G2love hit me up about that ecu 2152900435