ECU? ( mugen program)!!

Is there anyone here running a reprogrammed ECU with Mugen program. i just wana know some details about it like VTEC crossover, etc…! thanks.

there are tons of “mugen” variants. If you are getting your ecu chipped then you can have the chipper make you a better program for your car than a generic “mugen” program. Or if you are getting a chip from someone you can ask them what those parameters are.


i am actually getting my ecu chipped. so i should tell him what i have in my car then he’ll go from there. im sorry, i really dont have much idea about chipping ecu. i always thought that you can only have a certain program for ecu, i didnt know that you can have it chipped to specs that you want.

if the guy chips lots of ecus then he probably has a few programs that are tuned for a car similar to yours. If hes close and owns a wideband then get him to street tune your car. It will be waaay better than just chipping with a generic program. If he is not close then I would find someone who is. It shouldne be too hard to find someone in your area, you live in california.


oh ok. thats cool. i would definitely try that. thanks a lot Ben. i appreciate the response. One more question, is chipping you ecu and reprogramming your ecu two different things? i always thought that if you chipped your ecu then you’re reprogramming it so i always think they’re the same, its just sometimes when people ask question some use different wording.