ECU Question...

…And YES I did a damn search so like the other guy said bag it up and throw it away. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just found out that JDMHondaparts can’t reprogram my ECU for VTEC so I MUST get a new ECU… I am doing the “oh-so-popular” LS-VTEC.

Anyhow, does the p28 SOHC VTEC ecu with the DOHC chip in it plug into the 93 integra LS harness?

There is another post where someone asked the same question but it was never answered, for all u ppl who whine that newbies don’t do searches… I’m a n00b and I did a search. shaddap.

Any other suggestions on ECU will be great.



Yes, just need to add the wires for VTEC and the oil pressure switch to the ECU plug (not knock sensor because p28’s have no provision for knock sensor).

Yeah, what ryan said.

Did you do a search?:wink:


Haha. Thanks guys :wink: