ecu wiring diagram, how to install apexi Super itc

i am installing the apexi sitc in my car… well… i was wondering if you guys could offer any light on the matter…

there are three sensors , the tdc, crank position and one other, i forgot… but they all go the the distributer… well… these three sensors have two wires going to each one of them… … i need to know which wire is m, and which one is p … … so i can install the itc… … do you have any idea where i can get the info for this?

i went to the dealership, and they let me thumb through the manuals… they did not help. i looked through the chiltons and one other manual too… … it isnt listed… … do u guys kno anyone that has already installed this in their car? anyhelp please… thanks, matt

the sitc is the name of the unit. it is called super ignition timing control … the m and p are just the names for the wires that come from the three sensors. since there are two wires coming from each sensor, each wire is labeled with a “m” or a “p”. i need to find out which wire is the “m” or “p” … any insight will help… thanks, matt