EDO's New ASR Anti Sway Bar

Look Here

Looks good although I still question the integrity of the mounting brackets on any car not heavily sprung, guess will find out after testing.

umm exhaust clearance??

I don’t think exhaust clearance is an issue at all for him…

That looks very heavy duty.

Nice :up:

Good to see some people are still developing the DA chassis.

looks good

I wonder how it compares to the traditional solid sway bars out right now? Im looking for a more neutral feel for my car and have been looking at the st setup for a little while now.idk ive a couple of this guys products and they are some solid parts. I guess I am going to wait and see what the feedback is setup. It seems like it might be too still for what I want, but I havent found too much information in it yet.

bump for db2 to let us know how it feels

Hmmm, same guy that won the H4 championship and just finished 2nd and 1st in saturday and sundays races…AND, broke his previous track record while at it…

THIS GUY IS A GOD SEND!! This just proves the DA chassis is a well capable chassis given proper tune and reduction in weight.

Although I sold my car, I will be keeping track of updates with this particular car :corn:

yea edo seems to like it alot… its a 32mm sway bar…pretty sick oversteer… and he only got second on sunday because he blew his built tranny on sat so he had to use another stock ls tranny…

damn, 32mm…What an escape from the 22mm ‘puny’ type r bar

LOL, I’ve been running that bar for about a year now…I had the 1st prototype of the ASR bar.


hmmm very nice:). can i still clear my hks hiper exhaust with this set up?

If that sway bar doesn’t give a DA owner penis envy, I don’t know what will. 32mm…good god!

that one obviously looks hollow. are the ITR and other typical performance bars solid or hollow?

Most aftermarket bars are solid. I’m not sure about that bar, but I’d think if someone was to make a 32mm bar it would be solid. I would think a 32mm hollow bar would be only as effective as a 20mm solid bar (or somewhere in that neighborhood).

Very nice, Going to have to contact them now,

Hi i got put mine in the other day i’ll give some feedback on it when i finally get my car on the road.Sorry but thats the only pic i got.

Not really… with such a large diameter, the inner material really doesn’t do all that much. They could likely get away with a pretty thin wall actually, but then fatigue would likely be a concern.

For those that have this bar, can you provide some info on exhaust clearance?