EF seats?

i have seats from a 1989 civic hatch si. i want to put them in my 92 rs. will all four bolts line up? also, will there be an issue with height. ive heard that g2 seats sit lower. that could be false information though. can’t always believe whatcha hear.

um, well i hope i dont sound like a dick when i ask this:
if you already have those ef seats and your have a teggy, why not just try it? and you tell us if it fits. and if you are successful :gotpics:

im curious about the outcome, i wouldnt put ef seats in my teg, but to each his own.

well…i wanna put my integra seats in my ef. im gettin rid of my integra, i didnt wanna ask a question about the EF on this site and get harrassed. i dont have the EF yet, i wont till tomorrow, i wanna know if i should keep my seats.

They wont work.

For some reason, it seems that the 88-89 civic seats have a different or older pattern.

I’ve already tried the DA seats to 89’ Civic thing. My bro also wasted his money on 92-95 civic seats also. They dont work as well.

As for a 90-91 civic, it might work, the rails and bolts looks the same pattern.

paying for 92-95 civic seats is always a waste imo. i can’t stand those things.

anyway, could i change the rails on my integra seats and switch them with the civic rails? i’ve never had a chance to look at the rails on seats to see how they swap in/out.

Tried that already, NOPE…

The only reason why my bro bought the 92-95 Civic seats were because his is torn to shit on the sides. It’s got the metal poking at you when you lay back. OUCH.

I use to have DA seats in my old 89’ Honda Accord Coupe. I swapped the rails and stuff. I bolted down 3 outta 4 bolts. It was still sturdy though.

As for the DA seats I just recently had, I gave them to my friend, and he put them in his Toyota truck. He told me it was a perfect fit. Who’d guess, huh?

I dont know what seats would be able to swap into 88-89 Civics.
Which ever seats you pick, Good Luck to ya…

I have black prelude seats from my 92 if you want to try those kyle. They are cleaner then my teg’s interior.

that’d be cool.