Ef vs Da meet

When is the next ef vs da meet in the bay area and are they having the cruise to cruz this year?

not sure about the DA vs EF meet, but Cruise to Cruz is still happening, check norcaltuners.com for the date.

jasperDA9…are u planing on goin to the cruise to cruz?

here’s the honda-tech link

Im going then haha i wont be in the da tho haha driving a mirage for right now

I don’t know why you want to go CBass. Last year was fucked because HT ganged up and blocked all the driveways so only they can park. Why don’t all you DAers get together on that day and drive Hwy9 like last time. There’s nice spots where you all can stop and take pics. Remember last year when HT was driving like dumb ass’s and i ended up blowing out my new clutch because i had to slam on the breaks?. But if you want to go,its your call. I’m just looking out for all of you guys. It’s a waist of gas IMO.

I dont think I will go this year. but I did get in there ht did not block us out a few of us got in there

I know when me and John polled up there was no parking in the back so we all had to park out in front. But its still a waist of gas. I’m planning out coming down to the bay and want to throw a meet with you guys like old times. Anyone have a idea on where you would like to have it? Ill let everyone know when ill be coming out a month before so we can get hella people to come and plan this out.

[QUOTE=db1st;2152364]jasperDA9…are u planing on goin to the cruise to cruz?

here’s the honda-tech link

No, im not going to this one because its on Saturday this year and i got to work. Otherwise id go.

yea ive gotta work also , i agree with kyle we should get together an all DA &DB1 cruise going instead , you know do something on our own

i agree with jasperDA9 we should have our own meet and drive along again screw the HT meet they’re cool but we have our own group to support…