eg seats on db1?

my seats are in very bad condition and this guy is selling eg blk seats. i was wondering how much and wut type of modification would i need to make the seats fit my car.
thanks in advance

Refresh my memory, what is the eg? If it is the 92-95 Civic, then it should fit right in. Anyone else know for sure?

yeah 92-95 civic but i dunnno if it will fit

i doubt they fit right. I gave a friend my old set of DA seats for his 94 civic and he had to weld them all crazy and drill new holes to install them. Don’t know if that helps, maybe somebody could back me up with another experience?

just drill new holes and get new studs, be sure to reinforce the area you drilled through as well with sheet metal from the underside

i put some of thsoe seats in my g2. 2 of the bolts fit perfectly, and the third one you have to drill a little bit of the bracket to make the hole a little bit bigger cuz its about half an inch off. So i have 3 bolts in and they are fine…if there is no weight on them they sometimes rock a little sliding them forward for rear passengers, but when someones sitting in it you dont notice at all. The only other thing you need to do to swap them is change the seatbelts, which you can also bolt right in, but you have to cut some of the plastic to accomodate the hinge on the seat. I’ll try to take pictures.

theres a guy out here with del sol seats in his G2, dont know the amount of modification he did to get them in though

I’m one of the people with Del Sol seats in my gen2. I’ll try to get a writeup posted eventually…

i dont know if the pictures worked…first time posting pictures

those look really good. arround my way EG seats are alot easier to find than G2 ones in good condition

I have black prelude seats from a 93 prelude laying around that I dont need. I’ll sell em too ya real cheap.

P.S. they’re immaculate.