EG Shocks on our DAs

Hey, I’ve got some left over AGX from my 5th gen Civic and I was thinking about putting them on my Integ. I’ve read the “Elusive Suspension” article and it said that it’d work and that I only need the front drop forks to get them to fit. Anyway, I guess my question is HOW well with this setup work? I figure that since the Civic is much lighter than the Integ, that the shocks would be at a lower pressure and have a different damper ratio (?). Does anyone have 5th gen shocks on their Integ? Is the ride all right? Also, will the shorter length of the shock lower my car?

Well I’ve been looking into using EG shocks as well and most aftermarket companys, make the same shock for a DC(94-01 Teg) as the EG. But I’m gonna try running rear EG shocks first, I’ll let you know when I do it.

So, anyone else try this? Hey SerialOne, how did it work out for you? I was thinking that if you can use the EG shocks, which are the same as DC (3rd gen Integ) shocks… then you would be able to fit in DC to the DA suspension? Is that a reasonable idea?

Between school, work and cold weather. I’ve only been able to do basic maintence and fixing things. So I haven’t had a chance to throw on those shocks yet. I may end up waiting till the spring.

Check this link out: