Egine has a "lope" - researched ALOT

I took the plug wires in and exchanged them for a “new” set and she’s runnin a ton better, but now I think my ignition timings off cause I set it to crapped wires :bang:. And my mechanic friend is recommending replacing the inline resonator in my exhaust with just straight pipe cause when it was off he noticed my exhaust rattled ALOT and its not suppose to so that might be accounting for some of the stockcar-clapping I’m hearing. I’m still gonna dieselflush the oil system to gid rid of any gunk left by the Bardahls cause there’s little pieces of something under my valvecover that are like gummibear consistancy.

Overall :salute: Colin for the wire suggestion, its made a noticable improvement and it was free hehe. She’s still runnin a little funky but got alot of her power back. I’ll post the results of the timing, resonator removal, and oil flush when I get em done. Thanks to everyone else who had input as well. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just now noticed I misspelled Engine in the thread title… :bang:

right on!