Eibach Pro Kit

I got a set of Eibach Pro Kits and got them installed yesterday! They ride great and the drop is just enough!
here she is before

and after the drop

rides really well, the Eibach Pro Kits lowered it two fingers. So from a five to a 3 finger gap. Just enough for me!

Car looks good man. Almost a blank canvas. Yeah, I put the Pro-Kit’s on my Teg too, but I actually RAISED it! I bought the car with some CRAP coilovers that I couldn’t stand. What an improvement.

yeah, they perform great! there’s this corner by my work that I can usually take at about 60 KMs all the way around before I start to sqeal. Now I can go about 70 KMs all the way around before squealing a bit! They handle firm but not too firm, which is just what I was looking for! I’m quite pleased!:D:D