eibach pro kits

what does every1 think of these springs. i’m not lookin to drop my car much until i get rims, which won’t be anytime soon. if any1 has suggestions or comments about these springs, feel free to PM me, reply, or email(better since i check it everyday). also, if these are a good set of springs, please direct 2 where i can get a set cheaper that 189 +shipping. this price is off the one’z off ebay for 189 +35 shipping. thanks…

I don’t have experience w/ the Prokit but I hear good things about it, although it will not drop your teg that low

I’m currently running on Sportlines and it rides like stock but handles way better. I’d suggest getting Sportlines trust me it will look nicer when you get your wheels. It drops 1.8"F and 1.5"R and settles down about 1/8" more after a while.