EK sideskirts on my DB1

I need help on how to install EK sedan side skirts on my DB1. I heard that Accord front mud guards will be needed since my stock mud guards won’t fit anymore. What year Accord mud guards and does it matter 2 door or 4 door? Let me know. Much appreciated. Thanks.

i know this is a old thread but ill answer it still since i like to help lolhhaahahhah i have done it on my old 4dr… did quite alot of measurements shavings…if i can remember i used ek mudguards …
anyways i had the 4 dr ek sideskirts on mine…if you want more flare looking i would go with the 2 dr 4dr has less flare …im going to gspot tomorrow …i will go take pics of it for you ! Cheers!:-*