Electric Problem

I have the heater unit with out the buttons it never lights up and i know there are lights in them how do your pry that sucker out and change the lights? or to see whats wrong?

(thanks for all the help guys) (FCM!!!):rockon:

First, get the shift key on your keyboard fixed, It’s HArd To Read When THere Are Capitals All Through Your Sentence.

Yes the door ajar light is supposed to come on when drivers door is opened.

If park/head lights are on or key is in ign. the warning chime should also go off.

The dome light should come on, “Go Off” when any door is opened.

The control head, “Heater Console” should be illuminated when park/head lights are on.:stare:94

Thanks well none of that works on my car and i dont know how to fix it… but thanks for letting me know that

The problem is probably the ICU, common problem on G2’s or maybe just the drivers door pin switch, also a common problem, to test, remove pin switch and unplug it and ground the wire/terminal directly to chassis.:whisper:94

any ideas?

any ideas?

The problem is probably the ICU,

how to remove


How to fix


Searched for “ICU”

fixed the door problem. now working on the heater controls illumination.

What do you mean,

I have the heater unit with out the buttons
got a pix?:corn:94

oh sorry, i ment the sliders you know? Stock RS unit. i will take a pic if im confusing you

OIC, you have the fully electric control head, that’s good.

Remove instrument cluster trim bezel to access 4 screws that hold control head in place.

You will need to first remove the drivers lower dash trim.:corn: 94

yea that what i have do you know the bulb size for the lights? if any? and by lower dash trim you mean console?

here is what i have to clarify any confusion.


well i took apart the dash thing that goes over the heater console. it wasnt as hard as i expected but this one light i cannot figure how to take out an replace. any ideas its the light directly behind the sliders

Another pix please, of the light.:dozing:94

Fcm yea i fixed it already i will put pics just so people know i think there should be a teg tip for this though it was tough to get the light out but not the dash bezzle

A how to w/pix :up:94

agreed. lol here are pics of before and after

edit:some how posted in wrong thread lol.