electrical issue's

last night me and a few buddies were cruising around, stopped in a gas station and my car wouldnt start, i had full power it was like the starter solenoid wire came off was not that, so i rolled back and pop started it, then my alternator belt broke, got a new one replaced it then, then it was doing the whole not starting thing again… popped it went home

then tried it again this morning and still acted like the the solenoid wire was off, searched here and thought maybe the starter relay, went to napa and got a new one(tested for power and its good), wasnt that, i replaced the ignition switch 4 weeks ago and its good, tested the starter signal fuse, and no power and also its not the clutch engagement switch(jumped it and tested w/ no avail)…

my question is does the main relay send power to the starter signal fuse or control that in any way?

also i pulled the main relay and it smells mildly burnt

and the relay says RZ-0042 thats what the 86-89 Integra’s call for
and the 90-93 Integra’s call for RZ-0063

is ran for the past 6 monthes ive owned it and i dont know how much longer before that

any info would be greatly appreciated!!!

main fuel relay. 40-60 bucks at honda new.

i work at honda in parts

so does the main relay control power to the starter signal fuse?

dont know if this helps you but before you spend $$$$

every few months that seems to happen to me. I keep a fine grade piece of sandpaper in the car, small socket set and phillips screwdriver. I pull off my distributor cap and lightly sand every piece of metal contact I can find in the cap and the two contacts on the rotor. I am then usually good for another 6 months.

caps new

and the starter solenoid isnt getting any power to it

no cranking nothing

its not the main relay

im lost