Electrical Problem (battery and alternator works fine)

One day my car didn’t wanna start, so I figured it must be the ground wires seeing as they’re hella old and crappy. I replaced the old wires wif new 4 gauge wires. One on the block in the FR of the engine onto the chassis and the other wire which is the negative battery cable.

After I replaced the wires, the car starts up fine, but the electricity running thru the car is hella weak. For Ex: the auto seatbelts move really really slow. Or if I turn on the lights just one click over the dash lights up but then it’ll go really dim when I turn on the headlights. And then when I switch my fogs on, the headlights become super dim. The more accessories I use the more of everything else becomes weak.

I tested the battery and alternator and they work fine. So can anybody help me? I really don’t know what it is.

Check your main fuse(s) in the under hood fuse box, make sure they are screwed down tight.

If the car starts, it’s a pretty good bet the batt. to motor ground is good, but I would check batt. to chassis ground.

How exactly did you redo those grounds, the stock one is a single ground lead from the batt. to the motor with the insulation stripped off a section under the batt. and a clamp over the bare part bolted to the chassis.

Try this, with a set of jumper cables, clamp one end to the batt. neg.(-) post and the other end to a good chassis ground point, shock tower studs work well.

Is there an improvement in the electrical?:hmm: 94

Here are some pictures of the old wires and new wires I put in.

This is the new negative battery cable wire

and this it the old one

This is the new engine to chassis wire

and this is the old wire

I was lookin at the starter and found this…

There seems to be a spot where a small bolt (10mm I’m guessin) goes in. Is there suppose to be another wire going to there?

I also checked the fuse box to see if it’s screwed down tight and for blown fuses. Everything is fine there.

Now I’m waiting for my friend to get off work so I can borrow his jumper cables. My sis has mine in her car.

Where is the batt to chassis ground, the middle terminal on the old batt. cable???:stare: 94

Hmmm…my car didn’t come wif any battery to chassis ground. There was only positive cable to fuse and negative cable to tranny ground.

if you look at the neg cable. (old one ) you will see another loop half-way down the cable for the chassis neg ground. that needs to be there.

Hmm…I really don’t know what you guys are talking about. Can you post up a picture of where it is? Cuz I really don’t see it.

Your second pic shows the blade that should attach to the radiator frame just below the battery tray. That 10 mm bolt hole should be for the wire bundle running to the distributor. It holds down the wire clamp and the 1 wire feed to the starter.:read:

Oohh ok I understand now. Hella dumb…maybe thats why my car’s been gettin shiity electricity. So what I would have to do is bolt down that part of the new wire into the chassis…and it should be ok right? I’ll go try that right now. Thanks guys…

By chassis, you mean the radiator frame, right. the chassis is already grounded at other locations.:angel:And if the new battery ground doesn’t have that blade then get another piece to go from the transmission brkt back up to the rad frame.