electrical schematic

does any one have or know where i can get a complete electrical schematic to a 91 LS. i’m talking complete with radio wiring and engine wiring…?

Might try searching the electrical forum. would imagine most wire bundle sets are pretty much the same.

If you don’t find one here, I found a pure schematic PDF at hondahookup.com/manuals/

It had some speaker schematics in there as well, 43 page PDF. It was called [90-93 Integra wiring.PDF]

Sweet. Perhaps you could post the link for us?

If you go to www.hondahookup.com/manuals/, the one I have is second from the list.

edit*** BTW Just incase, in the two URLs I gave, in that list they will not become clickable/linkable until your logged in.

Hope it helps dude