Energy Suspension (company, not products)

Just got done installing (what I could) the Energy Suspension p/s rack bushings. I got the driver’s side bushings swapped, and went to install the rack. The passenger’s side bushing looked like the gap was a bit large, but I paid it no mind. Got the driver’s side bolted back in and went to do pass. side–nothing would go together. The bracket wouldn’t fit over the bushing, and as a result the bolts wouldn’t go in the holes. I looked up the part #'s on their website and realized the kit, 16.10103G, is supposed to come with a passenger-side bushing part #10025. Mine was 10044–apparently for a nissan. Well that’s not cool.

So I called up ES and spoke to Matt; they’re getting the right bushing out to me tomorrow morning, no charge. He must have apologized 20 times for the mix-up, which is cool considering he had nothing to do with it. Someone just didn’t have their V8 that morning. :wink:

It’s definitely not a huge deal to me since the car’s not quite a rolling chassis yet (waiting on wheels/tires) but I suppose I’d be a bit perturbed if it were my only car and I couldn’t wait the downtime. Of course, the OE rubber bushing could just go back on while i waited for the right one to get here and there’d be no issues.

Anyway, just thought I’d spread the word that Energy Suspension has some fantastic customer service. If there’s ever an issue they’ll take care of you. :up:

I know they are a great company. I had got a kit on ebay from someone and it had one set of bushings that were for my car but a different year. So I called them and they sent out the right bushings at no charge. They have great customer service and make great products.

The girl at the front counter is HOT.
I see her maybe twice a week.