Engine Bogging after Swap

Ok I searched the old threads and none really fit my problems. I did an engine swap b16 out and b17 in. I went up to 310 injectors and larger throttle body (70mm) and skunk 2 intake manifold. Well she started bogging real bad so i went back to the OEM injectors and OEM throttle body and she’s still bogging, I tried an adjustable fuel regulator still nothing are there any other things that I can be missing?? I am going to change out the fuel pump and see if it has an effect on it. She idles fine for the first 10 minutges or so then she’ll lose power and when she’s on the street she won’t go at all just a slow roll and when you give her gas the idle drops, i’ve changed the filter. TIMING maybe ??? please help

How about some basics?

What year car?
What ECU?

1993 gsr we just dropped it and everything came with the pull ecu, cap rotor etc…

You may try your other ECU, if it runs better then your done. Otherwise does it have a check engine light on when it is running?

There are bigger fish here than that… first off what year is your teg? Second what ECU are you using? Third did you do a basic tune up before any of this? I mean plugs wires cap, rotor etc? Your TB should not be causing a “bog down”, the injectors can cause symptoms similar to what you are describing BUT, you have already answered the question of bad injectors by changing them back. SOOOO the next step is the above and also when are you noticing the “BOGGING DOWN” MOST. Is it after running and no throttle or after running awhile. Sounds like it is after running awhile so check your ECU codes if there are any. Did you/ have you changed the 02 sensor? There is a few hours of work for u already so do that and come back if still having problems. You may need to change fuel filter… and that could be it. If it has never been changed I would suggest doing it anyways.