engine choice

im looking at doing a engine tranny swap into my 90 rs auto, i do want a 5spd and a good powerfull engine.

all depends on your future plans, so before any one can make suggestions their gonna want to know if you plaining a n/a or forced induction build up, or just want to have a fun little motor.

i want as mush power i can get, i would like to put in ether a turbo or supercharger, plus nos. with some engine rebuild mods, which is why a used one would be great, that way i can rebould to what i want. i just need a good engine to start with.

Determine your budget 1st.

Look at the other cars out there and make a decision how much you want to have invested. Don’t forget :
Suspension $500+
Brakes $300-600+
Clutch $190-350+
Wheel and tire $400+++++

Theese upgrades will be necessary to take advantage of any real power gains. I’ve only gotten around to these but the fun to drive factor has increased enough that I really don’t need that much more HP(just 100 or so).

Some of these prices are for used or less expensive parts. You can definitely spend a lot more.

When you add these upgrades to the base cost of a decent g2 @$2k and figure a mild performance rebuild will cost $2k it starts adding up quick. $2k car + $2k necessary upgrades + $2k for a standard performance rebuild:
ballance, blueprint, overbore+pistons rings(used ebay pistons only of course) gaskets, seals, bearings, crank service, cam upgrade(used ebay) rebuilt matched head, a few extras…

You’re already at $6k with no interior, paint, stereo ect.

The changes in the economy have made other vehicles look a lot better('99 A4, '97+ 328i). Don’t get me wrong I’m keeping my teg until it falls apart at the seams, but $10k will get you a level of performance in some other cars that you’ll never match with a front drive 2500lb car.

Good luck

so, are you saying that swapping a vtec engine in istn going to be as fast as one of those other cars mentioned? if that is true, then why does it seem like everyone is doing it?

i ask because i have a 1990 acura integra gs with a really good body, but the original (non-vtec) engine has over 170,000 miles on it. i like honda’s reliability so i was looking into a swap since my engine is starting to show its age, so that i could keep the rest of a good car.

would you suggest against this then? if i misunderstood your post, sorry…please correct me. thanks!

This topic has been discussed numerous times.

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