Engine cutting off while driving

hey guys i have a 93 DA that got stolen and crashed…my insurance did not want to fix it so i fixed the body myself…but it was parked for a 2 months while i saved up and did the work…now when i drive the car i cant rev over 4500 rpm or the car will shut off on me also the muffler is shooting a rusty liquid looks like antifreeze :mad: and am like WTF…idk what it could be someone said fuel pump or filter…others say its the computer, my oil pump.:stare:…idk who to beleive…did anyone have that problem before and if u did what can be done about it.

Check you ECU for codes. If none, still reset the ECU because you might be in limp mode. The rusty water is probably just condensation build up. Unless you have full time bubbling in your coolant fill neck, then you might not have a defective head gasket.

thkns man…i thought the fluid was bad news but i have no overheating problems…i will try to reset the ecu…i also had a bouncing thach problem before that and i realized it cuts off when the thach starts to bounce so ill have my distributer…thnks again

so u are putting a new or better condition distributor? if anything i do hope u do so. do a tune up, change ur fuel filter to be on the safe side, and definitely reset ur ecu. also just cuz u ain’t overheating doesn’t mean u don’t have a blown headgasket. remove the radiator cap, then start ur car and let it idle for a bit. if u see lots of bubbling/frothing or dirty coolant/oil mixture in there then u prolly have a serious issue there. do all that stuff and let us know how it goes?

check your fuel filter too. might be gummed up. mine was and would run fine till higher rpms and then cut out.

i bought the fuel filter and i did an oil change i will get the spark plugs tommorow and reset the ecu after changing all that

i know this is going to sound ridiculous but double check your grounds… wen my bud and i did a swap, the car would start but then it would start sputtering and the tach would cut out and then the engine would die as soon as we got to 3500 rpm… i think it was the ground on the thermostat… something else to look into before you go buying/replacing your distributor

That dosnt sound ridiculous at all, in fact that would be something I would check