engine died, wont start back

i searched and nothing i found matched this.

i have a fully built A1, and its been started and ran fine , but i washed the engine bay and some water got down in the spark plug holes, and not realizing till it was too late and i had already pulled all four plugs out, i noticed a little bit of water on top of my pistons cause they were still shiney.

i put NgK v-power plugs in it gapped to 44 thousanths, and it still wont start, it comes close but still wont start.

any suggestions?

i would drain oil first of all you dont want water mixed in with theoil, check that gap again to spec.

it was like 10 drops of water maybe 15…
and that is to spec.

a good reason to leave the plugs and the plug wires in while u wash them, so things like this don’t happen. make sure u are getting spark in all 4 cylinders. with the plugs out and stuff, it shouldn’t of taken long to get the water to dry out… check connections, make sure most or all of ur electrical is dry and that they are secure. then double check to make sure that not only are u getting spark in all 4 cylinder, but that u got them all in the right order too. some ppl mess something as simple as that up.

good luck.

ok, it finally started and it will run but it will spit and sputter everynow and then so i still have a miss, but guess i’ll start with the wires, cap, and rotor button.

get some new spark plugs too while ur at it too.

The plugs should be fine as long as they’re dry.

I’d suggest you remove the distributor cap and check for moisture inside first. If there is any, spray the inside of the cap with WD-40 to displace the water. Then reinstall the cap and see if the miss is still present.

yea true. i personally removed my cap and cleaned up the contacts of where the wires go n stuff. those screws get kinda rusted up after some time. also put some dielectric grease on them too, just a bit. i did it cuz of idling issues n solved that and i did it for inspection purposes. check to see if the gasket that seals between the cap and distributor itself is in tact all they way around. after time it gets brittle and cracks or even breaks off. there are also 2 lil black… plug thingies that should stay in there, one of mine disappeared one day and well so i gotta be careful when cleaning my engine bay or even just working around it.

while ur at it make sure to use some di-electric grease on the spark plug wires where they plug into the plugs. i dunno if u do that regularly but its something that should be done. $0.02