Engine dies when i pull #3 and #4 spark plug wire

Test: Pulled each spark plug wire to check for spark to help my idling problem. (sounds like mis-firing)

Result: #1 and #2 seemed fine, heard and saw sparks.
Pulled #3 or #4 car bogs then dies.

Other info: 154,xxx Stock B17A1 w/ P61

  • If all the wires are loosely installed it seems to idle okay, but with a slight putt putt sound. Wires are factory OEM.
  • Checked the spark plug wires for any visual damage, seem okay.
  • With lights, fan, rear defroster, and hazards on the car will idle low, 200-700rpm
  • Battery light does not come on while running.
  • Lights remain on after motor dies.
  • Solid CEL, even if jumped. Code 0?
  • Recently did timing belt and water pump replacement.
  • Checked to see if "UP" marks are up and rotor is at cylinder #1, they do.
  • *Have not used a timing light to checked timining.
  • Wire order is 1-3-4-2. Starting at the lower left (from passenger side view)
  • Tested spark wires with DVOM, all are less than 25k ohms
  • Spark plugs are black with a smell of fuel and are gapped to 0.043inch
  • Distributor cap has no cracks, rotor has no play
  • *Have not tested coil or ignitor yet.
  • Fuel filter has been replaced.
  • Main fuel relay primes.
  • Checked vaccum wiring, correct
  • Battery is charged
  • *Factory OEM oxygen sensor Have i missed anything?
  • blown HG between 1 and 2?

    First things first, you need to deal with that CEL. Sounds like you’re running in limp mode. Also, If you’re plugs are black and smelling of gas it’s running rich. Borrow an ECU from a friend, and put it in… If the CEL goes away, you have a bad ecu.

    Funny thing is though i can rev past 3k rpm.

    Does the CEL go away when you rev past 3k? :smiley: If not, then you should be worrying about that before anything else.

    nope. Yeah idk whats going on :frowning: but for now wont have time to diagnose since college is taking most of my time and money.