ENGINE GROUND, driving without it?

whats the worst that can happen when you drive without your engine ground on?

I never tried it in my teg, but I once forgot to put it back on my old car and the car had a lot of problems starting and was running like crap… I don’t suggest you remove it…

what do you mean by running like crap? what probablems did you have after you forgot to put the engine ground on? would it cause really hard vibrating of the engine? my engine ground was off for 15 mins

The idle was bad, running rough… but once I connected the ground wire back to the tranny, everything was ok!

You need the engine ground attached. Think of it this way most of the sensors plugged into your ECU run off of engine ground or -12 volts resistance like the temp sensor, O2 sensor Ect… Also the Starter needs a good ground to work. If your talking about only the ground on the front of the car going fron the radiator support to the valve cover, you could just move it to the rear of the valve cover and ground it to the shock tower so that it is out of the way.