engine harness problem

i have a 92DA with a 95 ls gsr tranny now the people that did the swap were dunb asses that cut corners. now i want to know what engine harness i need for this swap do i get a regular 92 DA or 95 harness and how hard is it to install and an estimate price so i dont get fooled. and if my car sputters could it be my harness cuz timing on the new §§§§§ was done new plugs (walmart) and all was done ??? people say its my ecu but its fine i think no burns or anything give me ideas please imma keep the car and gonna try to put hella money to keep it for a long time hence why im new to this forum… thanks FAM !!!:rant:

Everything from the original motor should have swapped right over to the 95.

How do you know they cut corners? What have you done to figure your problem out? Your info is not very helpful by any means.

100 different things could make it sputter. And you need to determine which ECU it is in the first place. Stock ECU, 95 ECU, auto ECU, etc etc