Engine install tips needed

after a long 4 mounths of building up my Ls motor for my Da it’s finally done
And I attempted to instal the motor today and I’m quickly finding out that the removal was a whole lot easier.
Anyone have any tips in how to make this process go smoother.
My main question is (is it easier to instal with all motor mounts off, then drop it in and individually install the mounts?)

Any tips would help, this is actually my first Honda/Acura my past 7 cars/pick ups
Have all been nissans and rwd. so it’s a little change of process with the fwd, but I’m actually a bit exited so
Thanks for any advice and hopefully someday I can contribute to this forum as well.

Good question, im gonna be droppin my motor back in soon. Last time i did the rings and bearings without pulling… id like to find out too lol.

So I installed it today, got some advice from my Honda loving friends in Guam. Instal the rear mount on to the frame but romove the rear mount bracket. Remove the side mounts as well. Lower the motor into the bay with the trans side tilting down (would help a lot if you had a leveler). Line up and install driver side mount ( don’t torque all the way down yet). Then instal passenger mount on trans. ( if you don’t have a leveler then use a floor jack to lift that side up). Instal rear mount bracket, then front mount. Now there is a torque sequence for all the mounts so look into a manual for it or I’ll try to post it up.

Once I figured all this out it went in smooth, but extra set of hands and eyes would help a lot!

Good luck hopefully my info will help u out.

Sounds just about spot on. depending on your skill level. I like to leave the t bracket on, just loose and just install that front mount before you even drop it in. with the stock cross member in there, that lower bolt can be a PIA and impossible to torque down

if you can get a load leveler while dropping the motor in it will be ur best friend

Having it tilted trans down is the biggest thing.