Engine light acting wierd

Well it started raining earlier as i was on my way home and my check engine light suddenly flashed… then as i was driving it starts flickering and stuff… did alot of reaserch on here dont look like anyone has had this problem think its a bad connection? i did wire up the apexi but its unplugged at the moment?? maybe one of my connectors have come loose what you think??

Check to see if a code is being thrown.

it never stays on it just flickers and carrys on

Even if it comes on for a quick second and goes off, a code can still be thrown.

k ill check it out when i get off work tomarrow right now its flooding outside

well i drove it to work this morning never flashed one time idk whats going on with it ill still check if it has any codes stored when i get off and maybe itll tell me whats about to come