Engine light on

So, I heard a “phssssttt” sound, and the engine light came on…my car won’t rev past 3300rpm now, but still drivable, but not as powerful as before of course. I heard that one of the cyclinder might have failed…might be due to age, or low oil…sounds like I need a rebuilt or replacement of the engine?

regardless, how much time will I have till the engine dies completely if I kept on driving it?

Why don’t you see what CEL code you are throwing first instead of assuming your engine is going to die.

WTF is it with people who can’t do anything but assume the worst. Check the light it may be something simple.

Well I assume this because

  1. engine cuts off once past 3300rpm
  2. happened to me before and mechanic said one of the cylinder failed

But will certainly check the code…any garage will be able to do this right?

Just because the engine cuts off doesn’t mean its going to die. Ignition problems can cause an engine to shut off.

Check the code at home. Look in the Teg Tips and Search on how to check it.

A mechanic can say anything, doesn’t mean it is always true.


but wait…I have a 94 engine in a 92 Teg…same way to check the code?

92 and 94 are both obd1, so the code can be checked the same way.

the hampster that runs the wheel which powers your engine is either trying to tell you something or farted. it could have also gone on a quasi strike…?

so…the code says something about failure of a cylinder & something about injector as well…

what is the code?

You would think that if you werent going to write the code down you would at least have the actual definition of the code, not just a guess at what it said. Your making it very difficult for anybody to help with your car.

Sound like a similar problem I had way back in the day.

the number 4 injector(code 16) took a crap on me out of the blue and it did just as you described, wouldn’t rev past 3500 rpm and pretty much ran like hell.

I would take a automotive stethascope or a long screwdriver and check each injector, they should have a steady fast paced click, if one sound different than the rest. you just found your bad injector