Engine mount bolt specs

I was wondering if anyone knew the specs (tred depth, length, ect) for the lower front engine mount bolt. I just got this car and not only was its motor mount missing, but also its bolt. Also, if someone had an extra engine for parts, I’d be willing to buy this bolt.

If you have a salvage yard in your area you might have some luck with them. Usually they can hook you up with items like that.

P.S If I come across that bolt I’ll let you know.

Bolt specs>

Just an idea but what I would try is this. Get a thread pitch gauge (available at your local bolt specialty store) and then ask the Acura dealer if they would let you see one of the bolts, then just measure the length, diameter, thread pitch, and note the type of head on the bolt. Then all you need to do is go back to the bolt shop and tell them exactly what you need. Bolts are available in different strengths, for a engine mount I would get the strongest one available, usually grade 8. Hope this helps, and good luck.

That sounded like a good idea, but the acura dealer had to order the bolt. doh!