Engine oil leaks into spark plug compartments.

I saw engine oil on two of the spark plug and wires. If i want to fix this leakage by myself… could anyone tell me how i should fix it?

it is probably your spark plug grommets. Go to acura, ask for 4 spark plug grommets, and since you’re at it, get a valve cover gasket also.

Pull the spark plug wires out, and then valve cover off (5 10mm nuts), Turn it upside down, and you should see the valve cover gasket runnign around the edge of the cover, and 4 o rings in the middle, which are the grommets. Pull them out, and replace. On the valve cover gasket, you’ll notice right around the camshaft areas, there is a “square chunk” (you should understand when you see it). Apply liquid gasket (ie Ultra Copper or Ultra Grey, which is Honda bond) to these chunks, and I recommend applying liquid gasket on the mating surface of the grommets. Then, on the rest of the valve cover gasket, apply a thin coat of clean motor oil to help it seal to the head. Then put everything back together.