engine oil pressure switch

hello there i need to locate the engine oil pressure switch for 91 integra automatic i cant seem to find it i know it is located at the back of the engine block but i dont know which one of them can somebody tell me which one because recently my OIL PRESSURE WARNING LIGHT stays on even while driving:sad: and i would like to pinpoint what is wrong… checked my oil and it is on the right level.i havent done any test yet

anyone have and idea on whats goin on? thank you in advanced



i wanna make sure i can pinpoint the problem and i dont wanna change the parts that i dont need to i would like to diagnose the oil pressure properly so is there any special tool to check it i know it goes to the oil pressure switch hole and that way i can tell if there is insufficient pressure on the oil
anyone have done this before?i really need my car running find this is my daily driver car.

Go buy yourself a good Oil pressure Gauge and install it. I had the same issue too, I assumed the worst, a bad oil pump.

Turned out to just be a bad ICU, somedays my lights flashes like crazy, others it doesn’t even come on.

It doesn’t bother me though cause I installed an oil pressure gauge, you can simply tak out the sensor, which is right above the oil filter and hook up your line.

I have good pressure, and the gauge helps me keep an eye on things, @ idle should be close tp 10-20 psi, when drivin it should rise up to @ 80psi.

Hope that helps, next time tryin usin the search option, its pretty handy FYI

:)got it fixed turns out to be the icu, change the icu and the warning lights for the oil is gone sorry for the very late reply

thanks again…