Engine Prob?

Hey I just bought a used 1990 Integra, Girl driven 175,000 km on the b18 and supposedly it was bored out to, I have no idea. seemingly runs great lots of power to spin tires up in to 2nd for awhile but when I’m on the highway or racing through the gears I really lose power when I shift, could it be my gears are to long its an ls my top speed aint much more than 180 km though, uh ya I’m new to Integra’s but I really like car, oh ya if anyone who reads this has has any parts for the ls-vtec conversion let me know pl. I’m in BC Canada.

4-cylinder engine + longass gears. you’re wondering why it feels like it’s losing power? think for a second.

although seeing that you felt the need to go over 100mph on a public roadway in a bone stock 15-year-old car that probably needs lots of suspension love, it’s apparent you don’t think too much. quit pretending that because you have a honda you’re a professional driver, and mature up a little.

welcome to the site. :slight_smile:

Well thanks for fillin me in on my car a little. And hey great I’m makin new freinds already, by the way I bet u gots lots of em.

Oh and thanks u where right about suspension!

nice attitude. it’s bound to make you plenty of friends around here–of which i have several, mainly due to my sense of humor and lack of taking things someone else on the internet says seriously.

there’s a life lesson to be learned there for you, but since you’re canuckian i doubt it’ll happen soon. best of luck! :up:

hello again , I most certainly heed your advice and maybe takin my car up to that speed was a bit stupid I admit, but I was testin my car and its not like I did it on a busy highway, canada remeber, and I’ve seen other reply’s you’ve made and most of em U offer pretty good advice so I appreciate your response to mine, I uhh just didnt know how to take it at first, thanks.

thank you for at least having enough sense to realize i’m not entirely vindictive. i just don’t feel comfortable seeing people not give all the facts and then making themselves look stupider than they really are. :wink: :up:

neil if you see this, he’s cool. he can stay. :stuck_out_tongue: