Engine Problem

I have a problem with my engine wanting to start… I was driving my car like 2 months ago and it all of a sudden stopped running. So i checked the distributer i was seized so i put a new one on the car still wouldnt start… So i drained all of the oil out and went to collage then came back and someone tryed to steel my car and broke the ignition down and fu*ked it all up they didnt get it cuz my friend had my throtal body… well i fixed the ignition today and got another distributer thinking that the one that i got from a friend was bad and tryed to start my car and it didnt work… I also put the throtl body back on and put the oil back in… it makes a sound like it wants to start but not like its turning over… any one with a clue anything would help thanks alot… :smiley: :confused:

if your distributor freezes when you are moving sometime the timing belt jumps a few teeth on the intake cam, that would be the first thing i would check.

hey thanks man i just figured that out when i took the valve cover off and got it to top dead center… it was off by 3 teeth… i appriciate it i have to fix a oil pan leak though and should have it running by tomorrow…