engine rebuild on 91 ls

hey yall,

new question, I have a 91 ls that I want to rebuild the engine on. I previously considered a swap, but went and had the head redone instead, p+p better springs ss valves, etc… now I have the lower half of the engine on my hands, anyways my plan now is to rebuild the bottom half of the motor while I wait for the head. any pointers, and/ or hp aftermarket products I should use when rebuilding the head? as for parts, I don’t think I have enough to get pistons and the like but if the are things like rings and or head gaskets, fuel tubing, etc that I need to get anyway please let me know. all opinion will be appreciated.

(in the meanwhile, i’l be searching the posts)

go to the teg tips and download Dan’s Engine Rebuild guide, its good reading material. And it’ll help you figure out some of the stock replacement parts you need to buy.

also, i would suggest doing it right the first time, so spend a little more time and save up. A friend once told me “Engine rebuilds and swaps will nickle and dime you to death” This is very true. You need more than what you project it will cost —i’m finding this out first hand as we speak.

you should do the following:
-shot peen and polish the rods
-arp rod bolts
-balance the bottom end
-get higher compression pistons (a good choice would be the p30’s)
-a block girdle if you can afford it
-get a good clutch and flywheel if you can afford it (this will save you time and $$ in the long run)