engine rebuild

What exactly goes into basic engine rebuild. I have a 93 LS with 186,000 miles on it and i want to turbo it soon. So I assume that i will need to rebuild it, and i was wondering what will need to be done and how much will it cost. Oh and i plan on swapping to a b16 head in the process. Please help me as much as possible with the info. It will be appreciated. thanks.

Yes, I have a 1991 LS with 160,000 miles. I am thinking of rebuilding it too for turbo. What does it take and what is it involved ? Finally which turbo would you recommand for G2 LS ?

HKS / Greddy / ???



ok this is what you need.

lower cp pistions
forged rods
new bearings
new gaskets

block guard
block girdle
pp head
turbo cams
bigger valves
vtec oil and water pumps
springs and retainers
skunk 2 IM
62mm TB

like i said these are optional and it all depends on how much boost your running,