Engine RPM's

i recently had my timing belt break, and i had it replaced as well as new plugs, and distributor cap with rotor

now when i start my car, it chugs, the rpms dip down past 200, and it will stall the odd time.

now when i’m in 5th, and at around 2000 rpm, my engine light comes on, and it chugs when i give it gas… very hesitant…

any ideas?

search timing belt break, and it is most likely on there incorrectly. the two cam gears are not aligned to each other, by a tooth or more.

thanks, hopefully i can get that looked at tomorrow

ps-when the timing belt breaks, and yo would find this by searching, you stand a chance of really fucking up your engine. the pistons have a chance to slam into the valves, since the belt is no longer leading them. if enough inertia is present at the break, the engine will sorta destroy itself, so to speak. you need to probably do a compression test to see if your valves are OK and sealing properly. hopefully, just a bad positioning of the cam gears. good luck.

yeah, after i did your search, i found a bunch of scenarios as to what degree my problem may be… I thank you for the help.

This is also a sign of a bad o2 sensor