Engine stalls when decelerating

History of the car. It is a 90 LS with a B20b swap I got for nothing. The kid that had the car could not get it running. I have rebuilt the distributor (new coil and ignition module) and repaired the ground to get it running. I found the engine had jumped timing, replaced the timing belt, water pump and tensioner. The engine was over heating, traced down the source to a clogged radiator. A week after I replaced the radiator, the head gasket blew. Surfaced the head and replaced the gasket.

Currently, it dies when you are decelerating and does not want to restart. You can smell fuel. It has been running rich and fouled a set of spark plugs. Injector #3 was not spraying properly, so it was replaced. I have put a B&M Fuel Pressure Modifier on it to reduce the fuel pressure. The check engine light comes on from time to time and the only code it is giving me is for the O2 sensor. The O2 sensor I replaced with one from my other car to test. The code still comes back with the other O2 sensor. At idle the car has a stumble, but under load runs smooth. As long as you can keep the RPMs around 1500-2000 range it runs fine.

Any suggestions? I cannot give up now it is a matter of pride, so please help!