Engine Swap and Transmission Conversion

So I have a couple questions. I am doing a b16a2 swap with an auto to hydro transmission conversion.

  1. My key won’t come out of the ignition. I soldered the two thick black wires together, are there different wires I need to solder to those? I have read that a green wire maybe? I can’t find pictures and there are like 4 green wires in that plug.

  2. My innovative cable to hydro master cylinder set up is giving me troubles. The cable slips out for one, second it doesn’t seem to have enough pressure to activate the clutch.

BTW the car isn’t starting yet either, I am going to have a friend come over and look at it today and see what he says I need to do. Any help especially with the clutch problem would be awesome. Thanks!

Nobody can help? Thats ok I will post what I do to fix it when I figure it out.

If you still haven’t figured it all out let me know because I’ve done the same swap on my car also so I can assist you as best as I can for you sir. Good luck to ya.