Engine Swap Ideas

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen i have a b18a1 with 271,XXX km… i was wondering if i could turbo it!!! OR would i have to rebuild it …Or should i get a new motor… I want a motor with good torque… like the b18a1 …b18b1 … and the b20…but i heard the b20 has shitty walls and the b18b1 leaks alot … so any help would be Right NIOce Thanks…

Well first of all you need to search…

But if you want tourque you need the b20 block, even if you het a b18 you need to bore it out to get more touqe, and a b20 is just a baored out b18…so might as well cut out the boring process.

I wouldnt sugest turboing the motor you have now, because it will break. Either rebuild that one, or just throw the turbo on there at 5-7 LBS and ride it till it dies while you save up, and build up another motor that you can just drop in…

if you ever want any turbo setup to last you must, TUNE TUNE TUNE TUNE TUNE, and then TUNE some more.

I’d say a B20 would be a good choice, and it holds boost pretty well, and you can get a longblock for 900, then rebuild your trans or get a newer LS one, just for an idea, a friend of mine has a B20 in a CRX, and ran 14.0…I know our cars are lighter, but that’s bone stock, turbo and tune, you’ll be pretty damn quick

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i gotch ya !!! Thanks Guys and Girls

the b20 has weak sleeves and does not hold well past 10-12psi. improper tuning may make it fail at even lower boost.

imo, stay n/a. vtec or whatever. boost is quite an undertaking unless you have the money to do it all properly, otherwise it takes a lot of patience and research to make compromises.